About 5axis

Established originally to serve sensitive projects in the gas and oil industry 5axis have an unparalleled knowledge of machining hard metal, inconel and other such hard to machine materials other companies can’t cut.

With a combined machining and material treatment knowledge of over 50 years gained in the injection mould tool making industry, matched with an aggressive pricing attitude and attention to detail second to none, the directors of 5axis are able to offer their extensive experience to achieve the quickest realisation of your project.

Previous contracts have seen us work closely with Manchester University metrology research department enabling us to fine tune our high speed cutting strategies, achieving the correct compressive and tensile properties whilst eliminating mechanically induced flaws common to machining hardened steel.

A sustained investment programme in machinery and staff has resulted in a 11000 sq foot modern premises housing a broad range of CNC machines. This enables a first class bespoke customer service by providing the correct machine for the job. 5axis have machines with high speed spindles and ceramic bearings capable of 1000 block look ahead allowing constant surface speeds - critical to high speed machining. Down to heavy duty machines with BT50 taper spindles running on box ways for heavy stock removal.

Our dedicated staff are able to produce large and small tightly tolerance components with ease.

Tel: 01663 742743
Email: sales@5axisltd.com