To be competitive you need the best CAD/CAM system available.

After using various packages we chose Misslers TopSolid’Cam for machining and TopSolid for design work.
With 10 years of Missler experience and 4 user seats at our disposal rapid realisation of your component occurs. 3D models can be supplied in any format or if required we can model from a conventional drawing.

TopSolid’Cam advanced machining strategies and functions enables our programmers complete freedom when constructing and optimizing tool paths, reducing machining times, increase product quality and maximizing machine capacity.

Video of design simulation / assembly

1. Assemblies created from multiple parts
2. Collision checked kinematics
3. Fully associative design


Video machine simulation / cutting a job


1. Accurate cycle times
2. Part verification
3. Updated stock
4. Machined part can be linked in to other cnc's
5. Collision control
6. Part position probing
7. Laser tool measurement
8. 3D surface or solid recognition

Shown above is a simplified example of production work on a 4 axis horizontal cnc. Pallet changer is not shown.    


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